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XML e-content companies is a site to help people discover all there is to know about XML, markup languages, and e-content.

One of the earliest developers of extensible markup language was the e-content company, which is now part of BroadVision. BroadVision now, among other things, produces quicksilver which is a full–featured application suite for creating and assembling long, complex documents by individuals or workgroups, and help users migrate their complex document applications to the open XML standard. But this is just one of many such products, our aim is provide information on this and others as well as general info about markup languages to help all users.

The world of e-content changes so rapidly that it is impossible to keep up with. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it signifies that the technologies keep improving. It does however mean that some times valuable information can be lost in the shuffle. We aim to fill that gap.

Our Site has all kinds of information that we hope you will find useful.

We start of by explaining what XML is and why it is so important to the development of the internet. Our XML page has this and more info, so please do have a look.

Even though XML is still only in its second decade, there are hundreds of companies that produce XML content. Our companies page describes and provides links to their sites so you can get to know the best of the best. Please check out the Companies Page.

For those interested in learning how to create and use markup languages, our Training Page has links to sites with tutorials, training programs and online classes. Learn to build iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or Build, Compile, and Test Your First Android Application. or why not get more detailed information on XMLs and find out what are DTDs. You can do all this and more, simply go to our Training Page.

Be sure to check out our other pages as well. Our product and product info page are great places to learn about how indispensable XML has become in keeping the internet running. And of course there are lots more pages, so please have a look around.